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Procurement Management System

Client: US based Pharmaceutical company..

  • Project Highlights:
  • ■ User can print the PO with all details, Logo .(We are using Apex office Print for PDF printing)
  • ■ When the items are received, that info can be entered in the system as well.
  • ■ When all items are received, it will go to Finance team. They can finally complete a PO cycle,multi-language supported
  • ■ Custom PO and Vendor approval workflow is defined in the table,Once all level are approved, PO Number will be generated.


This system is integrated with project management and financial systems to exchange project and finance-related data.Vendor Requestor will request for new Vendor registration with all details. Vendor Approver will approve that to create an approved Vendor.PO Requestor will create Purchase Order and add line items. Will select Vendor, Bill to, Ship to address etc.Shipping,Packing, Tax fees can be entered. If it exceeds Project budget, it will give an alert.